Language beyond the academy

Language is an essential part of human life and society, well beyond the inner circle of academia. It’s something we constantly talk about, evaluate and criticize, privately and publicly — something we’re ultimately obsessed with. As a linguist, I make an effort to be an active voice in these conversations through my work as a freelance writer for Italian magazine Rivista Studio, a venue specializing in culture, society, and politics. In this endeavor, I strive to leverage my linguistic training to achieve two goals: unveiling some of the many fascinating properties of linguistic phenomena; and drawing attention to harmful, yet deeply ingrained social beliefs that can fuel contempt towards certain groups of speakers. Here’s some samples!

Italians’ obsession with the subjunctive mood

The pragmatics of Let’s go Brandon explained to Italians.

Everyone’s obsession with the word literally

Umarell: behind a global success story

Al fresco dining, smart working: the hidden corners of pandemic lexicon