Journal papers/book chapters:

2019. Marking imprecision, expressing surprise. Like between hedging and mirativity. (with Emily Hanink). Journal of Linguistics. 55(1), 1–34. Paper.

2018. Pragmatic precision and speaker qualities. Exploring social meaning across domains. Linguistics Vanguard. Paper

2018. Totally between discourse and subjectivity. Exploring the pragmatic side of intensification. Journal of Semantics. 35(2), 219–261Paper.

2018. Intensification, gradability and social perception.  “The semantics of gradability, vagueness, and scale structure: Experimental perspectives”, Springer series, edited by Castroviejo, McNally and Sassoon. Paper

2017. Totally young sounds totally younger: intensification at the socio-semantics interface.  Journal of Sociolinguistics.21(2) 154–182 (with Laura Staum Casasanto). Paper.

2016. Unacceptable but comprehensible: the facilitation effects of resumptive pronouns. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 1(1), 29. Glossa (with Ming Xiang). Paper.

2015. Intensification without degrees cross-linguistically. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 33(3). 843–879 (with Ryan Bochnak). Paper

Proceeding  papers:

2018. Emphatic just and simply: the semantics and pragmatics of metalinguistic exclusives. Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory 28 (SALT). Paper.

2018. Decomposing cornering effects in alternative questions: An Experimental Investigation (with Erlinde Meertens and Maribel Romero). Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 22.  Paper

2018. Subjective assertions are weak: an Experimental Study on Perspective-Dependent meaning. To appear in Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 22. Paper

2018. Alternative Questions, Markedness and Illocutionary Properties: an Experimental Study (with Erlinde Meertens and Maribel Romero). Proceedings of CLS 53Paper

2016. Exploring metalinguistic intensification. The case of Extreme Degree Modifiers. Proceedings of NELS 46. Paper

2015. From Totally Dark to Totally Old. The Formal Semantics of Subjectification. Sinn und Bedeutung 19 Draft

2015. Great pizzas, ghost negations: The emergence and persistence of mixed expressives. Sinn und Bedeutung 19 (with Jackson Lee). Paper

2014. Scalar meaning in diachrony: The suffix -issimo from Latin to Italian. NELS 44 Paper

2013. Is excellent better than good? Adjective scales and scalar implicatures.  Sinn und Bedeutung 17 (with Ming Xiang) Paper


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