Working with students from different majors and intellectual backgrounds has been highly energizing for me. Not only did it allow me to share my enthusiasm for the study of language from a variety of perspectives; it also led me to think more clearly about my own research and ideas, contributing to sparking my interest in pursuing a career as a linguist.

For this reason, I am determined to find new opportunities to teach and mentor in a variety of capabilities. By the same token, I continually strive to refine my pedagogical and professional skills through the support and support from dedicated institutions and programs, such as the Center for Teaching at the University of Chicago. Below you can find more information about my teaching experience and philosophy.

Teaching philosophy, course materials, evaluations are available in my teaching portfolio.

Teaching experience

Spring 2021. Semantics II (Graduate). University of Pennsylvania. Syllabus

Fall 2017. Language in Culture and Society. (BA).  University of Konstanz. Syllabus.

Summer 2017. Intensification: between logic, discourse and social meaning. European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI). Co-designed with Yaron McNabb. Slides and readings.

Spring 2017  Semantics I (BA). University of Konstanz. Syllabus.

Spring 2015. Introduction to Linguistics (LING 20001). University of Chicago. Syllabus.

Bonus: the class that I always wanted to teach, almost taught, and can’t wait to teach. Doctrines of linguistic correctness. Revising the prescriptive/descriptive divide. Syllabus.

As a teaching assistant:

Spring 2014.   Teaching Assistant. Introduction to Linguistics (LING 20001). Instructor: Tim Grinsell

Fall 2013  Teaching Assistant. Semantics and Pragmatics (LING 20301). Instructor: Peter Klecha

Fall 2012 Teaching Assistant. Introduction to Syntax (LING 20201).                                 Instructor: Karlos Arregi

Teaching training and pedagogy

Spring 2016   Certificate in University Teaching. UChicago Center forTeaching

Fall 2015.        Linguistics Pedagogy (LIN 4800)

Spring 2014    University of Chicago Writing Program Training: Pedagogies of Writing.